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Just released!

Tails is the third album in the musical trilogy entitled Top Hat, Black Tie & Tails.

Landis Maitland-Whitelaw was exposed to the guitar and harmony for the first time at the age of thirteen. He quickly began to arrange popular piano pieces for the guitar. His first composition, Sunshine, was written at the age of 18 and is his signature piece.

In his mid 30’s he studied music theory at the University of Saskatchewan. Soon after, he wrote a major work for solo guitar, a Fantasia on the theme All Through the Night, (Introduction, Theme and Variations on a Lullaby). Since then he has written and arranged many works for solo guitar, duet, trio, band, small orchestra, choir, symphony and video soundtracks.

Landis Maitland-Whitelaw - Pura Guitars

“…(Maitland-Whitelaw’s) music is a fusion of jazz, contemporary classical and some pretty nifty “pop” sounds…put a little bit of Rodrigo, a dash of Joe Pass, fill with disco, “pop,” …season with the Blues and a trace of Folk and what have you got? Well, if it were a drink you’d say it’s smooth, but it’s got a surprising and delightful aftertaste and EVEN a bit of a kick!”

– From ‘Landis, Hope and Glory (or Beyond Categories)’
by M. K. Pishny-Floyd, Composer/Writer


Choosin’ The Easy Life

Choosin' The Easy Life - Landis Maitland-Whitelaw

Choosin’ The Easy Life is a country song about choices. This is Landis’s 1st vocal release.

Walkin’ Thro’ the Heather

Landis Maitland-Whitelaw - Walkin' Thro' the Heather EP

My new EP, featuring music for bagpipes, drums, and chanter.


Musings on Covid - Landis Maitland-Whitelaw

Musings on Covid involved a new way of composing for me so I want to share with you the nerdy aspects of creating this song.


When Landis decided to start recording music and playing, the guitar was his only instrument.

So, he decided to do a trilogy of guitar-based albums; Top Hat, Black Tie & Tails.

Landis Maitland-Whitelaw - Top Hat

Top Hat

Top Hat is the first in the album trilogy called Top Hat, Black Tie & Tails. Top Hat is a classical guitar album with 14 tracks and features three of Landis’ original compositions, Sunshine, Come to Me, and Introduction Theme and Variations on a Lullaby. The other 11 tracks are traditional classical guitar solos.

Landis Maitland-Whitelaw - Black Tie

Black Tie

In the mid-nineties, Landis began playing electric guitar in a band. At this point, he decided that he would also release an instrumental electric guitar album. Black Tie became the second album in the Top Hat, Black Tie & Tails trilogy. It features 13 original compositions including two collaborations: Un Portrait d’Alain with Dean Pawliw (Landis’ son), and Voice of an Angel with Danny MacDonald. Danny plays a fingerpicking rhythm on the song. Other musicians on the album include Don Dymond (drums), Dean Pawliw (bass) and Jackie Thaller (keyboard).

Landis Maitland-Whitelaw: & Tails album cover


Just released! Tails is the third album in the musical trilogy entitled Top Hat, Black Tie & Tails.

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Landis plays hand-built guitars by Darrell Pura, Saskatoon, Sask. Canada.
Classical model: Recitalist
Electric hollow body model: Landis Custom
Acoustic model: OM6

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