Birds at the Bath , Landis Maitland-Whitelaw

The concept of the piece “Birds at the Bath” came to me in 2002. 

I was sitting on the back porch at our home and it has a bird bath in the back. I was watching the birds and a cat came by and the birds flew off until all was clear and then they returned. 

This piece is to recreate this scene in a musical orchestration. 

I wrote this piece in notation software and exported the midi files into my Digital Work Station (DAW), I use Logic Pro.  

For this project I am using the software:  Spitfire B.B.C. Orchestra Professional. 

The process I use is that I put the midi files into the DAW and then assign the appropriate instruments to the parts.  The interesting thing about this software is that it was recorded at London’s famous Maida Vale Studios by the B.B.C. symphony players so you get the ambiance of the studio and as an added bonus you have the positioning of the players.  You do not have to add any more reverb and all you have to do with the pan knobs is set them all to  full stereo and you get the correct positioning of the instruments. 

I go through each instrument one at a time and assign the appropriate articulations to each note. Once that is done I draw in the midi data for the modulation and expressions and fix any volume issues. 

Once that is done I send all of the woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion to their own side channels. I work each group separately and volume balance each instrument with their section. This allows me (once each group is volume balanced) to balance the orchestra through the side channels.  After all of the checks and balances are done I master the piece using the new Logic mastering insert. 

That is what went into the making of this piece which is only 1 of 7 pieces. 

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