On The Guadalquivir, Landis Maitland-Whitelaw

A friend of mine Larry Green asked me to set a poem of his to music. The poem was A Moment on the Guadalquivir, which is a river in the Seville region of Spain. The version I made was melody set to guitar chords. 

Once I completed this work for Larry, I decided to take the music and make an orchestral piece from it. I wrote this piece in 2014. 

In this work I use woodwinds, brass, percussion (wood blocks, cymbals & bass drum) and strings. 

You can imagine yourself sitting on the river bank in the early morning and hearing the birds and then the river awakes and you start to hear the ships and the business on the river. The melody enters and is shifted from section to section and interrupted by a mid section featuring the Cymbal and Bass Drum under the second melodic structure. 

Nerd Speak. 

I use the BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional on this recording as with the rest of the orchestral pieces on this album. I utilize 21 instruments split into 4 sections: winds, brass, percussion and strings. I balance each of the sections within themselves and then place them on their own buss. From there I  balanced the 4 sections to blend as a whole. All of this is done in Logic Pro. I use the mastering software which is now part of the Logic Pro suite. 

You can hear a representation of the piece here on SoundCloud.