Musical Notation

On The Guadalquivir

You are on a river in Spain. The sounds from early morning (pastoral) and on through the day. A lively melody.

Birds at the Bath

Watching birds at a bird bath all is well .. in come a cat.. the birds flee and then settle back down.

A Spanish Evening

You are dining and dancing through the night. A moving melody with timpani.

Chamber Concerto #1 for Guitar & Strings

Chamber Concerto #1 for Guitar & Strings consists of three movements:
Allegro, Andante, Allegretto�

From Dusk Till Dawn

Chamber-Solo-Classical Guitar
An easy listening piece with the feeling of calm and tranquility.

Air on an “A” String

Chamber-Solo-Classical Guitar
An easy listening piece with fluid melody lines.

Come To Me

Chamber-Solo-Classical Guitar
Come to Me has a nice interplay between the parts.


Chamber-Solo-Classical Guitar
Sunshine is an easy listening solo classical guitar composition.

“…(Maitland-Whitelaw’s) music is a fusion of jazz, contemporary classical and some pretty nifty “pop” sounds…put a little bit of Rodrigo, a dash of Joe Pass, fill with disco, “pop,” …season with the Blues and a trace of Folk and what have you got? Well, if it were a drink you’d say it’s smooth, but it’s got a surprising and delightful aftertaste and EVEN a bit of a kick!”

– From ‘Landis, Hope and Glory (or Beyond Categories)’
by M. K. Pishny-Floyd, Composer/Writer

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Landis plays hand-built guitars by Darrell Pura, Saskatoon, Sask. Canada.
Classical model: Recitalist
Electric hollow body model: Landis Custom
Acoustic model: OM6

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