The Saskatchewan Suite , Landis Maitland-Whitelaw
  1. Wind in the Field (1997/2005) was inspired by a drive through southern Saskatchewan and seeing the flax fields in bloom, waving in the wind. It looked like water. This version uses the standard orchestra. For percussion I use a triangle and the bell of a symbol . The B.B.C. Orchestra did not have the cymbal bell sound that I needed and so I went to Modo Drums to get this sound. Here I chose the bell of the ride symbol. The piece begins and ends with the sound of wind. I get this effect by assigning the flute, clarinets, viola, cello & bass and then oscillating the volume from very low to high and alternating the effect for every 2nd instrument. This piece runs 3’14” in length. 

You can hear a short clip of the piece here on SoundCloud.